Monday, 25 September 2017


"Winter is coming", and so is  Zomtober!
This means posting at least one newly finished zombie or survivor each week on the 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th of October 2017, so the first job was to check the diary!
Apart from any short-notice gigs that might come in, it's certainly going to be a bit of a challenge, with 15 complete days "on the road" doing long distance runs as far apart as Lothian and Bournemouth, and we're gigging on 3 of the 5 Sundays - Phew!

The next task was to raid the pending pile and sort out some likely candidates for the painting table (and yes, I've already tidied my desk, so I can call it a painting table without too much embarrassment!)
I hope I won't be bending the rules too far, but as you may know from previous posts on the blog, I have zombies (and therefore "survivors") in three different campaigns....... ATZ:FFO zompocalypse, Dragon Rampant fantasy, and a work-in-progress Fear & Faith/ Witchfinder General / Flashing blades 17th Century mash-up project.
I'll be working on all three during the challenge, but to stay as true to the spirit of the challenge as possible, I'll attempt to make sure I include at least one zompoc mini each week!
Returning from the 'Back Bedroom Of Doom', here's my target haul:~

Some Warlord male zombies and bikers on unfinished sprues - zompoc

A dozen Mantic zombies - fantasy

Three Heresy zombies - two  zompoc, one 17thC

Five Black Plague zombies - 17thC
and finally Warlord "Stickler Mitchell & Megan" - 17thC 'survivors'
(I say "finally", but as I type, I'm waiting for some stuff from Gringo 40's and I added a couple of zompoc survivors to the cart to 'round up' the order - they'll be added to the queue as soon as they arrive!)

Wedding anniversary today, so I anticipate losing a bit of "prep time", for the sake of matrimonial harmony!!

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  1. A nice selection of zeds and those survivors look great, particularly the witchfinder general ;-)

    1. Cheers Andy, I was originally going to use the challenge as an excuse to get some MORE zeds - I think getting the stalled 17thC project moving again and finishing the Dragon Rampant undead warband off makes a bit more sense ;-)

  2. Some great choices for Zomtober! :)

    Another added himself to the list last night: Dizbusters Gaming Ephemera - Phil Curran

    And any chance of including my own humble blog? ;)

    1. Oops! I copied the list from your blog and deleted my own entry (cos it would be daft to link to my own page) - and didn't realise you'd also not linked yourself.
      Thanks for the nudge and I've corrected the error, and added Phil to the list :-)

  3. Good luck with the tfrgets you've set yourself, I'm sure all the effort will be worth it in the end.

    1. Thanks Joe, I'm just really happy to be participating this year instead of just "lurking" as in my pre-blog years :-)

  4. I wish you all the best in the challenge, Greg. In my view, you can never have too many zombies.

    1. Thankyou Bryan, and I agree - in a zombie apocalypse, a horde wouldn't be a horde if you could count 'em! ;-)

  5. Great selection, Wargame Addict!! Your postings of these should be a lot of fun, and I'm certainly looking forward to seeing them 'come alive' under your brush :-)

    1. Thanks Simon, but I dunno about them 'coming alive' - my brushwork is strictly what might be (laughingly) termed "Gaming Standard" :-)

  6. Got to undercoat a few today..... looking forward to Zomtober.

    1. Getting my first "primed suspects" sorted today ready for the racing start at the weekend.
      I'm looking forward to seeing what you'll be posting Clint :-)

  7. Only just hearing about this. Is it too late to join the fun?

    1. Hiya John - I'm pretty sure there's no hard or fast rules, so why not?!
      I'll add your blog to my copy of the list when I post this Sunday's challenge entry :-)