Thursday, 28 February 2019


It might be the shortest month of the year, but this one's been a real drag and I'm glad to see the back of it!!
Complete days have been wasted because bankers and solicitors have had me jumping through hoops, and on top of that we've had yet more problems with our van - today's trip to the mechanics will probably be its last since we're now actively looking for a replacement. Thankfully it's not all bad news, but the arrival of a new kitten has also impacted on my hobby time due to the "man cave" being used to store all the 'stuff' that wasn't deemed to be kitten friendly (and according to Mrs G, that's a LOT of stuff!!)
Anyhow, the lesson I've learned from the experience is to give up making predictions about what and when specific topics will be appearing here on the blog - it seems that every time I do, something crops up to scupper my plans....... cause and effect?!?!

Anyhow, first off you'd better say hello to our new addition "Arwen"

and here (finally) are the photo's Ivor requested all those weeks ago! (I've only included a few, otherwise it would be a bit of a spoiler for the game reports).........
....all adventures in Forbidden Fortress start on the entrance tile (I've positioned a couple of Reaper Bones minis for scale)
 The gaming area is created by drawing cards from the map deck,
 which contains corridors like these examples,
 and rooms like these,
 as well as other features like this one,
 and here's its corresponding tile.
 The artwork on all of the tiles is equally impressive, and all of them are double-sided, printed on good quality card.

So, "Farewell February" and March is already looking better - 'retail therapy' (as well as a meet-up with fellow blogger Vagabond) at the Hammerhead show in Newark is this Saturday!