Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Campbell's Farm  Postscript

By nightfall, Brad had risked bringing the RV up into the yard and he and Hannah had taken up 'residence' there, leaving the house to Travis, Zac and Nate.
Since they'd generated engine noise with the move, it was agreed to quickly risk firing up the tractor and SUV to check they were OK and move them - the tractor now acts as "the gate" and the SUV has become part of the 'motor pool' for the group.
A sentry duty roster had been agreed, (with  one person on watch during the day and two at night), but after the recent activity and still being nervous about how safe their new location would be, no-one expected to get much sleep!
Instead, it was the ideal time to trade information about the outbreak with the newcomers and get to know them better.

(In other words, it's time for me to play catch-up with the character stats and campaign diary, and attend to some other gaming projects!)

So, the question now is, Do androids dream of electric sheep?

I only ask because I dream of these:~
....but after much googling can't find them anywhere after Worldworksgames sad demise!

I'm really looking forward to the Blade Runner sequel (Blade Runner 2049) release next month, and after suppressing my sci-fi gaming urges for so long in the face of loads of  blog posts across the interweb, I've succumbed and blown the dust off my never-got-beyond-the-planning-stages "The Department" campaign.
But I've hit a snag since I was intending using the futuristic vehicles produced to accompany the "Streets Of Titan" (because the "Interceptor" is SO much a not-Spinner - perfect as the iconic Blade Runner vehicle!!) -
I have just ordered one of these from Scotia Grendel.......
....... and I'm thinking of getting the Lamborrari from Wargames Terrain Workshop,
but this is a plea for help if anyone can point me in the right direction if those PDF's are still available, and suggestions for any other 28mm sci-fi civilian vehicles that would suite the 'Tech Noir' setting.

As well as the above, after a 'failed' dungeon quest, I need to assemble two more Dragon Rampant warbands for our Dark Conspiracy campaign!
The adventurers were tasked with recovering "the dying breath" of the necromancer Malek which was caught and held in a cursed brass scroll case,
but they were too late and failed to apprehend the evil acolyte who'd taken it - the crypt was empty!
The "dying breath" was later used to raise the necromancer as a lich, who is now leading an army of undead against the Dwarf Lord.
Luckily I can put together a 24 point Dwarf warband from my Oldhammer 'alliance' army, but the undead are a little more tricky - the only mini's I've got are in my RPG collection and there's not enough of 'em, so it's time to get busy!

Which all explains why the ECW project is still a 'slow burner', but rest assured I'm still painting the first batch of civilians!!

Once again, thanks for reading, and thanks in advance for help regarding those sci-fi vehicles.


  1. Greg, I have good news. I have the WWG vehicles you are after and I will e-mail them to you. Sadly, I'm having computer technical problems at the moment and I'm typing this on my laptop. I'll try to get them sent to you asap but don't worry if it takes a week or so to get everything sorted. Damn computers!

    1. Oh Wow! That's not "good news" Bryan - it's BRILLIANT! :-)
      Many, many thanks, you sir are a diamond.
      As for computers, you have my sympathy and total understanding. Mine is located as far away from the window as possible, simply as a deterrent to me throwing it through there at times ;-)

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Thanks Bryan, but since Jason was kind enough to post his reply, I thought it rude not to just give the WWG site another try...... and I've just bought them!

    4. I'm absolutely delighted for you, Greg. Have fun building them.

  2. Bryan beat me to it! I work with computers for a living and I concur with his opinion :)

    Their store is still up:

    1. Thanks Jason, I've already tried the online store several times. Annoyingly, it lets you log in, add to the cart, and go to checkout before throwing you out :-(
      It's the thought that counts though and it was very kind of you to take the trouble to post the links ta.

    2. Erm, you say you work with computers for a living Jason?
      I think you must work bloody wonders mate, cos I've just tried one last time over on the WWG website - and it's only gone and let me complete the order this time!!!!
      I honestly can't believe it - I've tried loads of times over the last few weeks to no avail, but you've obviously worked your magic with the blog post!
      Many thanks yet again, and I'm off to unzip my dowmloads NOW.

    3. I have been known to have that effect :)

  3. Nice round-up to the end of the scenario and I'm pretty sure I've seenother card futuristic vehicles around...

    1. Thank you kindly Joe.
      I've probably glanced over LOADS of 'em without really noticing, typically though, now I've started looking.......

  4. The Dave Stone cars are really good too Greg!

  5. Agreed.
    I'm going to get this weekend out the way first and then I'll be putting an order together - it would be crazy to just send for the Lamborrari when there's the other goodies I really should get as well ;-)

  6. For more futuristic car models in paper/card, look here: . There are some Blade Runner and 5th Element vehicles, amongst others.

    1. Many thanks Hugh!
      There's a hoard of cracking stuff there - fantastic link!!!
      My "google-fu" must be weak, because nothing like that turned up during my searches. Not to worry though, I'm definitely well sorted for vehicles now :-)

  7. Maybe worth looking at Atenocitis Workshop for vehicles:

    1. Thanks for the heads-up on these - some definite candidates added to the wish list! :-)