Monday, 4 September 2017

Day Seven   Campbell's Farm  continued

Eek! we're into September already - Autumn is here and "Winter is coming" and I seem to be running late with everything hobby related, so it's time to get a move on with the projects I really want to get finished before the years out (especially since next month will be pretty much dedicated to zombies!).
Before all the modelling and painting activity though, let's catch up with what's been going on ATZ campaign wise ~

Brad spotted the zombie ahead between the farm buildings and signalled with a finger to his lips to keep quiet as the group continued to move up the track before the other few zeds could reach them in the open.
Once in the yard, a rain of blows from Hannah's hockey stick and Travis's guitar made short work of the unwanted farmhand
The other walking dead had reached the hedgerow and were making their way towards the entrance - Brad ran for the SUV and told the others to push as he got it rolling and jumped in!
The zombies continued to approach the farm entrance (while the PEF's which were in the barn and outbuilding got a "move away" result, creating a rather comic scene as they passed each other behind the hedge!!)
The group rolled the SUV in position just in time (and it fitted - no pre-measurement, and I was convinced it would be too short!).......
.... and while Brad went to 'meet & greet' the two guys who'd showed up (the other PEF resolved as just a bad case of nerves),
Travis swung into action with his guitar again, while Hannah kept an eye on what was going on.
Meanwhile, the third PEF (which had been loitering in the farmhouse) got a "move away" result (I seem to be getting a LOT of those in my games!) and was spotted by Brad as he was heading over to talk to the two guys.
This resolved as "Something's out there!" and raised the Encounter Rating for the rural area to 2.
Of course, this had no bearing at all on the meet & greet, which went well (Brad winning by 4 successes to 2) and resulted in the newcomers asking to join the group, and had absolutely no effect at all on Travis "the axeman" as he continued to clobber the zombies one at a time as they tried to squeeze past the SUV!
Once the perimeter is secured, the newly expanded group will be able to explore the farm buildings...
but that, dear reader, will have to wait until the next episode because unfortunately that's as far as I've got with the game.
All things being well, I should have the next AAR up here on Tuesday night, so I hope you'll pop back to see how things get on.


  1. I am thoroughly enjoying this low-key scenario, it has a nice pace to it.

    1. Thanks very much Joe - Brad has had a "cautious" approach since the start of the outbreak, and it's his leadership decisions (plus a few rolls of the dice)that determine the direction of the group.
      (At the moment!)

  2. Me too Joe, it's cool and the setup is so good!

    1. Cheers Andy! I was worried that folks would find it a bit boring, but I can only write-up what happens from decisions the group makes.