Friday, 22 September 2017

Late Again

My excuse is that it's been a very busy week work-wise, with gigs up and down the country, so apologies for this rather late post.
The major downside has been the lack of modelling and painting time, but the hours spent on the road have given me plenty of opportunity to think things through and get some planning done!

The first priority was to clear the paint queue with Zomtober approaching, and this year I'm excited about joining in with Pulp Citizen's painting challenge -  ( ).
So, next month will certainly be zombie orientated!
I'd already made a start on the 'other, metal' Cluedo miniatures after finishing the plastic ones in the previous post, and got them finished off late last night along with a couple of Reaper Bones figures.

The Chief about to throw the book at Detectives Harrison and Ford!
Ford prepares to draw her blaster as the hoodie gets twitchy in response to her questions.
Harrison asking Mrs Brown if she saw or heard anything
 Rachael asks "Am I a replicant?"
Corporate upper class and their high end servo-droid
Cindy was an 'entertainment model' Nexus-6 replicant, dancing for the space jockeys on an orbital freight transfer station. Somehow, she ended up hiding away on an inbound shuttle. killing a freight handler and security guard at the shuttle terminus.
"Sin" then went on to murder two armed police officers who responded to the call-out before she disappeared into the sprawl.
"Poundland"  yielded a few more vehicles and I've slipped them into the above photo's, but here's another "three for a pound"

Now the painting is out of the way, the next job is to give myself some space - I only have a limited modelling area, and I don't "manage" it very well! Stuff tends to accumulate as I move from one project to the next, and I find myself with an ever decreasing available surface.
So, I'd better get cracking !


  1. Wow! There are some cracking good figures on display here, Greg, and not a duffer among them. My favourite has to be Cindy. Where did you get her from? I don't recognise her at all.

    By the way, you're not alone in having a limited work space. My work desk is huge but the amount of available space on it is pitiful. My computer and peripherals take up much of the space. Still, I get by.

  2. Thanks Bryan - I reckon "a tidy desk is the sign of a sick mind" ;-)
    "Cindy" is actually a Reaper Chronoscope Bones 80027: Nightslip. I found her while searching for suitable replicants and androids.

  3. Replies
    1. Cheers Andy, I had a feeling the Cluedo mini's would come in handy for something - I just didn't realise at the time how well they'd fit the Blade Runner setting.

  4. Terrific posting, Greg. I think "Harrison asking Mrs Brown if she saw or heard anything" was my fave - excellent posting all round :-)

    1. Thank you Simon, I'm afraid my figure painting wouldn't really cut it against a plain background, so I present them "in their natural environment" - which also lets me show how the terrain builds are coming along ;-)

  5. Excellent stuff, and always good to make inroads into the dread 'painting queue'. :)

    1. Many thanks Citizen, and your comment about making inroads is very apt - at the moment I'm "makin' roads" for the Streets Of Titan set-up ;-)

  6. I wouldn't worry about being "late", blogging is a voluntary thing and 'deadlines' shouldn't be taken too seriously. My first blogging mentor suggested I should have a regular posting day, but he's never stuck to that philosphy himself!
    Any reduction of the lead/plastic mountain is always a plus too!

    1. Words of wisdom there Joe and thinking about it, I agree whole heartedly and feel much better as a result :-)
      Reducing the unpainted pile is something I'm looking forward to with the Zomtober challenge, and don't mind meeting the Sunday DEADlines (see what I did there?!) for that.