Friday, 23 November 2018

November Nappies

I hope y'all had a Happy Thanksgiving Day, and don't get caught up in any Black Friday crushes!

Now, you may recall I introduced my little (pun intended) 2mm project early in October and I've now managed to get enough painted to start play testing!
These are Corps size formations with each infantry block representing a battalion, cavalry blocks are "regiments" of approximately 4 squadrons, while one gun and crew represents a battery - and there's limbered and unlimbered versions for each.

You'd be forgiven for thinking the armies are French and British with their Portugese allies (and they COULD double for them if I fancy some "Historical" gaming), but they're actually Ferach elves, Albion orcs and Al-Garvey goblins - so no button counting or measuring the width of the epaulettes because it's FANTASY!!

Just for anyone unfamiliar with 2mm, here's a size comparison with a 28mm mini!
This Napoleonique venture is the start of a 'slow burn' project in the lands of Valon, the setting for Alternative Armies "Flintloque" historo-fantasy collection of games.
The rules I'll be using are all from Two Hour Wargames, army size games in 2mm -
division / brigade size battles in 2mm / 28mm -
and 28mm Skirmish action -

Col. Oswald Pebblekettle checks with the sentries for any sign of Captain Sharke and his men, who are away at the quartermasters being issued with new uniforms!

That's all for now, still not back into the groove yet, but definitely getting there!!

Sunday, 4 November 2018

Post Zomtober Post


November already, and while Bonfire Night looms large, I completely missed out on the second half of the Zomtober painting challenge.
As previously stated, "Hobby time" was under pressure last month, but when a drive shaft and wheel bearing on the van gave up the ghost, I'm afraid that was the end of my planned free time.
Every cloud has a silver lining though, and while the breakdown repairs were being done I also got the work needed for the MOT out of the way and the test done, which was due this month - so I've gained a little free time for the coming weeks which kinda makes up for some of what I lost!

The min's for the challenge have been sitting on the paint table, so I tackled them today - nothing special, just some male and female survivors from Mantic's "The Walking Dead".
I hope I've not upset any purists of the comics or TV show, but I've gone for a basic and generic paint job on these characters. They may be stars of TWD, but they'll probably be strting as grunts in my ATZ campaign!

The Guys - Rick & Carl facing off against The Governor.

The Gals - Andrea, Amy, Carol &Sophia.

Not much else to offer for this post, other than to mention that as a wargamer deprived of playing, modelling or painting, I took solace from a little 'Retail Therapy'......but more on that in a later post.

Many thanks for dropping by and not giving up on this humble scribe, and now the gig dates are settling back to 'normal', I hope to be getting back to some serious gaming and blogging - well, not "serious" serious..... you know what I mean!