Sunday, 4 November 2018

Post Zomtober Post


November already, and while Bonfire Night looms large, I completely missed out on the second half of the Zomtober painting challenge.
As previously stated, "Hobby time" was under pressure last month, but when a drive shaft and wheel bearing on the van gave up the ghost, I'm afraid that was the end of my planned free time.
Every cloud has a silver lining though, and while the breakdown repairs were being done I also got the work needed for the MOT out of the way and the test done, which was due this month - so I've gained a little free time for the coming weeks which kinda makes up for some of what I lost!

The min's for the challenge have been sitting on the paint table, so I tackled them today - nothing special, just some male and female survivors from Mantic's "The Walking Dead".
I hope I've not upset any purists of the comics or TV show, but I've gone for a basic and generic paint job on these characters. They may be stars of TWD, but they'll probably be strting as grunts in my ATZ campaign!

The Guys - Rick & Carl facing off against The Governor.

The Gals - Andrea, Amy, Carol &Sophia.

Not much else to offer for this post, other than to mention that as a wargamer deprived of playing, modelling or painting, I took solace from a little 'Retail Therapy'......but more on that in a later post.

Many thanks for dropping by and not giving up on this humble scribe, and now the gig dates are settling back to 'normal', I hope to be getting back to some serious gaming and blogging - well, not "serious" serious..... you know what I mean!