Tuesday, 12 September 2017

I've just got to start this post with a huge thankyou for the help I received in response to my earlier plea for sci-fi vehicles! Without them the start of the "Blade Runner" project would have been stalled, but it's definitely up and running, so...

I've also found a neat looking police car in the toy section of Wilko's. I don't know if they're "new" or that I just didn't spot them while looking for contemporary vehicles for the zombpoc games, but here it is being admired by the freshly painted plastic mini's from the Cluedo boardgame that Bryan mentioned in a previous post.
From the buildings behind them, you can see that I'm CRAP (Completely Rubbish At Papercraft), so I'll need to sharpen my act before getting to work on the pdf's!

I also spotted this book in The Works - marked at £4, but in their 50% sale I picked it up for two quid
I say "book", but the main content is a kit, double side printed on foam board, which builds very quickly and easily into an acceptable looking shuttle (for anyone NOT gaming Star Wars at the moment)........

I mentioned the new Dragon Rampant warbands needed for our fantasy campaign last time, and here they are as works-in-progress.
The "recently raised" 7 points Lich oversees the mustering of his 3 points light foot Skeleton Warriors , 4 points heavy foot Skeleton Warriors and 9 points Wights (Lesser Warbeasts with "Invisibility" option) - these are a mixture wraith mini's raided from my fantasy RPGcollection.
The above just leaves 1 point to spend to bring them up to full strength, so that will have to be a unit of ravenous horde Zombies!

The 6 point Dwarf Lord just needs mounting on a larger base before he's ready to lead his 6 point elite foot Housecarls, and two units of 6 point heavy foot Axe Thanes.
I intend getting a 4 points unit of berserkers to replace one of the Axe Thane units, which will allow me to spend 2 points to give the Lord a "Blessed Melee weapon".
In the meantime, I'm just bodgeling up an Imperial standard for the old 'mono-pose' Axe Thane unit at the back of the above photo....... I'd better go and see if the glue's set!


  1. Lots of nice eye candy there, Greg. And to be fair, you're not that bad at paper-craft modelling. Believe me, I've seen a lot worse than what you produce!
    I'm very impressed with the police car and the Star Wars model. Nice bargains you bagged there.

    1. Thanks Bryan - being able to show the "best sides" for photo's helps, but I really need to improve!
      It's become a habit to be on the lookout for usable stuff when out and about, and rest assured I'll always post on here if I think others might be interested.

  2. Some great finds there Greg, love the car!

    The dragon rampant rules you sent look decent and I might just repurpose my WFB stuff to suit it. Your Undead look great and who doesn't love a dwarf!

    1. Cheers Andy, having to walk past the Wilko's toy shelves every time we do the shop-pain has its advantages ;-)
      Heartily recommend giving Dragon Rampant a go - you don't even have to rebase anything to try it, and I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on 'em :-)

  3. I wouldn't worry atoo much about your card building efforts, they're masterpieces compared to my mass-produced rubbish!
    Great find with the police car too btw.