Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Day Five    Back at the RV

Apart from picking up a couple of weapons, trying to find a "safe place" at the railroad depot hadn't worked out well at all, and subsequent events just seemed to make matters worse..........
The group had managed to make their getaway from the compound with Si and Kate (the couple from the warehouse) in tow, and they even met up with Hank, the lucky police officer, on the way back to the RV. Brad's mind was already working on the issue of how long the rations would last with so many extra mouths to feed when the newcomers dropped their bombshell - "We're heading back into Wichita Falls"

Hank obviously still believed that "the authorities" would get to grips with the situation and supported Si and Kate's desire to head for home, telling them he'd escort them on his way back to the station - then Sarah had piped up and laid out her grievances over Travis taking them out of the apartment where they'd been safe, leaving all their belongings, to come out here seemingly facing danger at every turn -  finishing her rant with the statement "I'm going back too!"

Brad argued that he'd only seen things getting worse since the outbreak started, with no signs at all of it being brought under control, and Travis pointed out that they'd already witnessed from the apartment window lowlifes taking to the street, looting and such, generally making things even more dangerous.
The debate had gone on well into the night, but the four of them wouldn't change their minds. They'd set off at first light the following morning, and Brad had promised to wait 24 hours with the vehicle until the following morning in case they ran into trouble and came back.
48 hours later, there was still no sign of them - the fledgling group had been split!

During that time, Travis had come up with the suggestion of heading over to Campbell's place, a farm set well off the Gainesville road. It was a where they used to go and hang out when they were kids, and in more recent times he'd arranged to rehearse with his band in the old barn.
Hannah supported the idea, and since it sounded promising from their descriptions, Brad agreed to give it a shot.

Day Seven     Campbell's Farm

Travis co-piloted on the drive away from Witchita, and they took the back roads he knew (from when he'd be driving home after maybe just one beer too many!) and pointed out a place to leave the RV before approaching the farm on foot.
Brad removed the rotor arm from the vehicle and put it in his pocket (an old army trick) before locking up. "That should make sure it's still here when we get back, even though it'll stop a quick get-away if we need one!"
Not far down the track, they saw the farm.......
......... it all looked quiet, and with a nod from Brad, they made their way towards the entrance.......
........ having advanced onto the table, it's time generate PEF's and roll for possible zombies, but I'm afraid you're going to have to wait til next week to find out what happens folks.
Unfortunately my free time is still severely limited due to recent unfortunate events. Thankfully that all comes to a head tomorrow, so I've set up this next encounter in the campaign, ready to play through and take my mind off things.

Y'all come back real soon y'hear, and see how we get on down at Campbell's farm!"


  1. Your setup is excellent Greg! The terrain, the layout and the premise - all superb!

    I hope things steady themselves soon, sometimes distractions like the hobby can help, at least in the short term.

    1. Many thanks Andy. Once tomorrow's out of the way I'm sure everything will start getting back to 'normal'.
      The hobby has been a great help, and so has the support and camaraderie from online buddies.

  2. It was unfortunate that the group split up but kind of understandable. No doubt those heading back to town will regret their decision but I'd be very surprised if we ever see them again. The set up at the farm looks intriguing with lots of potential. It could go either way, depending on dice rolls. I look forward to seeing how it plays out.

    1. One of the joys of ATZ is the "down time" activity between game sessions. Brad first tried and failed to recruit Si and Kate, and then failed again with Hank.
      I took all the events into account and classed the encounter a failure, losing Sarah from the group on the "Keeping it Together" test.
      I hope the Dice Gods are kinder when I play the Campbell's Farm encounter!

  3. Great set-up for hwat looks like an interesting game

    1. Thanks Joe. Things haven't gone too well in the last two encounters, and the group really needs a temporary 'safe haven' while they get themselves organised after surviving week one.

  4. I do like the "En Garde "Rules I hope you do as well.

    I am currently reading "A Fist full of Kung Fu!"

    1. Cheers Clint, they look a cracking set of rules for 'conventional' play, but I'm not so sure (yet) how good they'll be for solo games. I'll ley you know as soon as I get round to trying them.
      I've not even had a glimpse of "A Fist full of Kung Fu!", so I'll look forward to hearing what you think of 'em ;-)

  5. Looking forward to seeing how his develops!

    1. Same here Hugh!
      I'll be locking myself away for some dice rolling in the 'man cave' as soon as the weekend is over :-)