Thursday, 1 June 2017

"Best laid plans" and all that - this entry was supposed to contain a report on the reboot of my ATZ storyline, but an unfortunate series of events (or a glitch in the matrix) has meant there'll be a slight delay.

Did I say "best laid plans?".......... and now it's time for
Following the recent arrest at a remote farm on the Notts-Derbyshire border of a senior commander of the Pinxton Popular Front by members of special branch
and his subsequent trial under the Treason Act,
the local militia have taken control of the important M1/A38 hub
and are carrying out aggressive "stop searches" in the area, looking for undercover government agents.
There has been a series of bus hijackings, and barricades have been erected to on the approaches to the PPF headquarters, which has been established at the police station and adjacent 'Globe' hotel.
The activity at the Globe has caused concern for the security of nearby East Midlands airport for the government forces,
who responded in the early hours of the morning by mobilising a task force from the Sherwood Foresters regiment.
Government troops prepared to advance from the east, were delayed awaiting the 'pincer movement' from the open west side of the enemy position,
while the local PPF supporters made their presence known.
The advance from the open countryside was halted however, when it drove into a heavy ambush
and the attack had no choice but to go in, with "the back door open".
With all main routes blocked, the attack was stalled under smallarms and RPG fire
Taking heavy casualties, the attack stalled.
A series of "Government Force Activations" (which were used to withdraw) only served to delay the PPF's departure,
leaving the streets once more under control of the local militia.

Phew, my first AAR - I hope it makes interesting reading (I'm actually nervous about hitting the "publish" button!)

So, a huge setback for the local government forces after a show of force by the popular resistance. No doubt the Sherwood Foresters won't be happy about the defeat on their 'home turf', and of course the campaign will continue - but not until the terrain has been replaced!
Remember the unfortunate series of events I mentioned at the start of the post? Well one of them was the total destruction of the above gaming set up when a certain person forgot it was temorarily stored under the bed! :(

Thanks for dropping by and I hope you call in for the next post, which should feature ZOMBIES!


  1. I really enjoyed this Greg, love the format. Keep up the good work!

  2. Many thanks Andy, and I'll do my best.
    I'm sure things will improve with time and your support in these early stages is much appreciated.
    Good luck with the upcoming exams mate!

  3. No worries, thanks Greg, I will be directing others here so hopefully they can see what a great job you're doing! I really love this format!

  4. Great aar and a very different form of presentation - very enjoyable read - must have taken ages to put together!

  5. Very grateful for your comments guys, glad (and somewhat relieved) you enjoyed it.
    Joe, the in-game photo's were edited using "Photoscape", a really quick & easy freeware program and the 'real life' shots are collected from the interweb.... I'm a bit of a magpie for that sort of stuff, and have a virtual library on my hard drive. All credits must obviously go to the original photographers ;-)
    It's going to take FAR longer to put together replacement scenery for the next game :-(