Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Day One
Hannah's place

As much as his head told him to get home and get himself better equipped, his heart won out and Brad headed straight for the suburbs of Perryton. He could stay off the highway and follow the roads around Lake Meredith, then along the north bank of the Canadian River.
Brad rolled 2D6 v his Rep3 and scored one pass. The location number (2) is lower than his rep, so counts as passed 2D6 and he "arrives there normally, counting as next location"

This left me with a slight problem - I didn't have any terrain for this encounter!
Luckily I had a couple of mdf kits (from "banksjohnedwards" on ebay), they're tiered for access but have no interior detail, so it was a case of making the interior walls from foamcore before a quick paint and weather.
The Perryton 'burbs are printed pdf tiles from the old Worldworks "The Village" set, pasted onto the back of a foamex sheet (I say "back" because the other side already had some urban tiles glued to it!)
This was all done over the last couple of days, while the table is STILL in use as a cake decorating stand! Anyhow, on with the AAR...........

Brad arrived just before mid-day, he'd witnessed signs of disruption, but avoided any trouble. It all looked very quiet on the estate - would she be here?
Starting the encounter, 1D6 on the Contact table scored a 3 and generated a lone "terrified citizen"
As Brad pulled up alongside the house, he spotted a guy carrying a jemmy coming his way.
Sliding the Colt out from under the seat, Brad stepped out of the RV to confront him
Yet again, he lost the initial activation roll, but just passed the "Brown Pants" test as the stranger charged
Thinking the guy was up to no good (finding him carrying a jemmy outside Hannah's door), Brad's blood was up, and he pistol whipped his assailant to the floor!
Before he could even think about "putting the boot in", the guy had scrambled to his feet and sped off.
Brad rushed to Hannah's door, anxious to see if she was there and OK.
Once inside, and relieved to see that she was fine, they traded what info they had about what was going on. Brad suggested they head to his place, but Hannah insisted they go and make sure her brother was safe in Wichita Falls
Hannah had filled her RV with gas just before arriving home, so Brad told her to get whatever she needed from the house while he grabbed the stuff from his wagon.
They both got busy, but when they stepped outside...
....the next activation roll was a 7 - this generated 2 zombies (which were deemed to be "locals")
Hannah failed the "Zed or No Zed" test (and the brown pants!) and fled back into the house. Brad faced the pair and took aim with the pistol....
....scoring two hits, but only one kill, he looked on in horror as the other zombie ignored the bullet in its chest and advanced towards him!
Brad smashed the abomination in the face with the automatic (pistols don't count as improvised melee weapons - but they hurt a darn site more than a bare fist!!), winning the melee and knocking the zombie to the ground.
Winning the next activation, he despatched it with an "Easy Kill", putting a bullet through its head.
He found Hannah upstairs sobbing uncontrollably while she cradled the pistol she'd taken from her bedside cabinet.
After comforting her the best he could, he went down and reversed his RV out of the way and made sure the coast was clear (the noise of gunshots and engines somehow failed to attract any more trouble) before getting her, still obviously shaken, into her motorhome.
As they departed, Brad wondered if he should have checked the neighbors house for anything useful, or maybe taken their pickup instead of the RV? Weighing it up against the possible hazards, and with Hannah the way she was at the moment, he knew he'd made the right choice........
........ he was already thinking like a survivor!

Only two locations, but that wraps it up for the Day One scenario. The only other possible location on the list might have been a 'box store' for something more effective against zombies than handguns, but they haven't yet figured that one out, and attempting to find Travis has become a priority.

Thanks for reading through. I hope you enjoyed it, and will come back to see how the pair get on as they struggle to survive the zombie apocalypse.
As for me, I'll be cracking on with some new modular terrain since I've just picked up a couple of packs of 1ft square cork tiles from Wickes!
Oh, and I've realised that I've been posting on a very ad-hoc basis - I will try and stick to a regular timetable from now on!!


  1. Nicely developing story-line, Brad and Hannah are an interesting combo.
    Roll on the next aar.

    1. Thanks Joe, the characters have been developing in my minds eye for a while and it's great to see 'em actually "coming to life" as it were.
      I've reviewed the time-line and Brad will be sleep deprived if he doesn't pull over soon - the next aar might be sooner than I expected!

  2. I do like your low-key start to your campaign, Greg. Given the limited amount of space you had to game on, you've done a remarkable job. Plus, your photography really sells the taut story-telling. I'm looking forward to the next part.

    1. Many thanks Bryan - the rules and rolls of the dice are setting the pace, I'm just letting the encounters reflect how the wider spread of the outbreak is occurring.
      Plus, I've had some great on-line tutors :-)

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks DEW, I've got a gig on the Isle of Wight this weekend, so the drive will be similar to Brad's - it should put me in the perfect mindset for the next installment ;-)