Wednesday, 21 June 2017

"Heatwave edition"

Well, it's certainly been 'Scorchio' over the last few days - too hot to do much at all, and with having a busy time with work this week my gaming has taken a knock, so I can only apologise for the lack of any AAR in this post.

Just this minute managed to blag this on ebay though......
... I've been watching it for a couple of weeks while deciding whether to get it or not (it's another self indulgent nostalgia trip), and the price steadily came down as there were no takers and it kept getting re-listed.
This weekend saw the 202nd anniversary of Waterloo, so I finally thought "why not?", and snapped it up before anyone else did!

I've also finished re-basing figures from two Oldhammer armies for use with.....
As much as I've enjoyed playing with the old 3rd edition Warhammer rules, my regular opponent has found them a bit 'clunky' and I must admit, the last couple of games seemed a little laboured. I've read good things about the Lion Rampant system, so I thought I'd move with the times and give them a go - a batrep shouldn't be too far away!

I'm also just sorting out unused bits from the Project Z female survivors sprue to put together a 'post day one' Hannah (you may have noticed that Brad's figure was switched after 'Day minus One'). As soon as she's done, I hope to get the next encounter played out on the tabletop - and the really good news is that we'll be back on the full size board at last, because the birthday cake has now been delivered!!

OK, back to the bits box to try and find a suitable left arm for Hannah!


  1. From Warhammer to Napoleonics and Zombies !
    Isn't out hobby great with our many diverse interests?

    1. The diversity is a double edged sword though Joe, like a lot of gamers out there, I fear I have too many projects ;-)
      I think a review is in order, along with some decisions as to which have just 'stalled' and which (if any) can be labelled 'Abandoned' :-(

  2. Warhammer - Dragons Rampant sounds good. MAYBE I should rebase mine as well.

    1. The rules look very promising Clint, up-to-date mechanics with old-fashioned FUN principles.
      Apparently, a lot of old fantasy armies have had the dust blown off them and are being used again thanks to them - and the standard 'warband'(army) isn't very large, so easily made up from existing Warhammer units.
      Hoping for a game this week, so you'll get a better idea from the AAR.

  3. "Ooh shiny" is the mantra of many a wargamer, it's actually really nice to concentrate on one!

    1. Does "one at a time" count Andy? ;-)
      Keeping the addiction under control is tough, but I'm of an age now that I accept the fact there's simply not enough time to finish all those 'projects' :-(

  4. I put my hand up to say, yes please it would be great to see a battle report of Dragon Rampant.

  5. On its way Tim.
    Work's been really hectic, but we managed a game tonight :-)
    Lucky I came on here while I'm having a brew - I've been spammed already :-(
    The offending articles have been duly marked and removed, but as far as you experienced bloggers know, is this a regular problem?