Monday, 22 May 2017

So here we are.

After a busy weekend away gigging, it's time to finish the "intro" ready to start blogging proper.
My nephew found his feet and joined a local club, so the Ork mob I'd put together to provide the initial bolter fodder for his Muh-reens was redundant (Warhammer 40K just isn't my thing, though I'm tempted with a Space Hulk kinda game), and despatched to that well known online auction site.

Putting the Boyz together taught me a few things :~
1. mini's could be picked up relatively cheaply second hand and repainted etc
2. playable sized forces can be done quickly using the "block paint and shading" technique
3. my modelling skills have suffered with age with the eyesight going and a not-so-steady hand
4. I still hated "competitive" games, but LOVED narrative campaigns!

So, I was back into gaming, though the 'early days' saw a lot more random  purchases than I'd have liked as my enthusiasm lacked any clear direction. Still, those boxes of stuff might come in handy one day (or they might just go back on you-know-where to fund the active projects!).

Things have settled down a bit now, with an ongoing fantasy campaign ("The Dark Conspiracy") which includes old skool AD&D adventures alongside skirmishes and battles that have been fought with 3rd edition Warhammer rules but I'm trying out SoBH and Dragon Rampant.

A band of brave souls are attempting to survive a zombie apocalypse in a campaign that uses ATZ FFO as the core, but we have some occasional "fun nights" with Akula's Total AR:SE rules!

The "Pinxton Popular Front" campaign using the Winter of '79 rules appeals to me because I was in the Army at the time, so it gives me an excuse to collect some models of familiar vehicles that I built up a "love / hate relationship" with over the years, and it puts an interesting twist on the "Imagi-Nations" approach to historical wargaming that I enjoy.

So, with that out of the way, and having got to grips with at least the basics of actually 'driving' a blog,  the next posts will be up to date reports.

Oh, and the model railway? Well that's still a little escapism out in the garden, but won't really feature on here.

 Or will it???


  1. So much potential here mate, can't wait for you to get stuck in

    1. Thanks Andy (Follower Prime!) for your help and patience so far........
      I hope I don't disappoint!

  2. Like yourself, I can't get away ith 40k, but I am a great fan of Space Hulk (the original).

  3. Wish I'd kept mine Joe - unfortunately they're selling for silly money on ebay.
    I don't think a "home brew" version would be too difficult to put together though, so it'll more than likely be a future project ;-)