Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Post "cyber attack" test post.

When I dropped in on the blog last night to check for comments, I was treated to a helping of spam (and not the "fritter" kind!)
It looked none-too-serious, someone had simply copied previous comments and re-posted them, along with links to what looked like an online gambling site, under their own profile.
Obviously I avoided all the links and went straight to the edit page where I marked the posts as "spam" - blogger did its thing and removed the unwanted posts, so I assumed all was well...........
unfortunately I'm now having a couple of issues.

The first thing I noticed was that the "Image Gadget" has stopped working.
I was using it to post a cover photo of what I'm currently reading (it was Cornwell's Waterloo and I wanted to change it to THW's Savvy & Steel), but when I tried to change the image, I got a security warning and the action wouldn't complete.
I'm not very computer literate, so I've simply removed the gadget for now while I continue googling around for some help and thought I'd try posting some text and a random image here

just to check if the main content bit is working.

If anyone has had similar problems, I'd love to hear from you, especially if you have hints on fixing 'em (and avoiding 'em!)

End of test.


  1. Commenting on my own post here just to complete the test.

  2. I've also had a load of similar spam messages on my blog. Fortunately, I check my blog at least six times per day so I can delete them very quickly. When deleting them, remember to tick the box marked "Delete Forever". Sorry I can't be more helpful than that.

  3. My blog got hit the same and still gets them. Regular monitoring and blitz the spam

  4. Thanks guys - I'll make sure I keep a more frequent eye on things, and it looks like the "issues" might be purely coincidental.
    From what I've found so far, there seems to be a problem with 'Firefox' and 'Javascript'. Still working on it, and it appears that I'll be able to carry on blogging fine without the Image gadget :-)

  5. Yep, mostof the blogd Ifollow have had similar spam attacks, delte forever the comments...
    I'm not that tech savvy either, so you I empathise.

    1. Thanks Joe, my computer is set up as far away from the window as possible - just to deter me from lobbing it through!!
      Quick question for you, which widget do you use to post your "Currently Reading" book illustration?

    2. It's the image gadget iirc.

    3. Thanks again Joe, that's what I was using but it wouldn't upload the new image - I removed the gadget, waited a few days and tried again and "hey presto", it works again!
      Your reply is much appreciated :-)

  6. I have had 3 spam attacks like this. So you are not alone.
    I permanently deleted everything comment they made.

  7. Cheers Clint, I've made plans to allow me to check regularly (I work away from home quite often, so I'll be borrowing my wife's smart phone) :-)