Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Recce Part Two

Thanks for all the comments on "Part One" folks. Welcome back, and what a time to lose the activation roll !!
Brad is frozen to the spot as events unfold....
Jon Miller disappears back inside and the cabin door is slammed shut as the two nearest zombies attack, and the rest closed in.
Brad makes short work of the zombie facing him with his machete and luckily Hannah is paired off with Nate facing the other - Nate only managed to clip the zed's shoulder and it was down to her to finish it off!
After a quick glance to see his partners were OK, Brad quickly reacted to the situation.......
.........hoping there's no zeds around the corner, he leads them around the cabin,
putting distance between themselves and the following zeds, Brad also 'scopes out' the building,
taking cover behind the pickup truck where there's only one window in the cabin wall!
Thinking about bugging out, he tells Hannah to try the truck but the doors are locked.
Spotting Brad behind the bonnet, an enraged Rebecca blasts him with the shotgun...
....he's hit (then rolls brilliantly with his "Star power" dice to avoid the "Obviously Dead" result) but shrugs off the minor graze - the shots attract another zombie, and the shotgun is 'out of ammo'.
In a fluster (and not wanting his wife mad at him) Jon races for the front door, as she reaches for the shotgun shells on the table,
and the zeds close in on the sound of gunfire.
Jon and Lee burst from the cabin, opening fire as soon as they spot Nate hunkered down behind the tailgate.
The shots peppered wildly around him but Nate's return fire took Jon square in the chest killing him instantly. Seeing his father smashed to the ground, Lee (who fails the 'man down' test) flees...
......just as a furious (and reloaded) Rebecca appears outside the cabin (after two more zombies were attracted to the sound of gunfire)
With her husband dead on the ground and her son running off down the track, she blasts away with the shotgun screaming "WHY do I have to do EVERYTHING myself" as she pumped the gun's action.......
....hitting Nate, the zed directly in front of Brad, missing Hannah, going 'out of ammo' again, and attracting two more zombies! (Obviously there's never a dull moment when Rebecca lets rip with a shotgun!)

At this point, dear reader, the batteries in my camera gave up the ghost, and as much as I would have loved to finish the encounter today I'm afraid it's.........

                                                                To Be Continued


  1. I do wonder why the cguys in the cabin rushed out, but then again they don't appear that bright!
    This scenario is getting really interesting, can't wait for the next episode.

  2. You've got it in a nutshell Joe ;-)
    When Brad approached the cabin, I diced to see if it was empty or occupied, then by how many and then I rolled on the "Citizens Table" and got a Rep4 mature female, Rep3 mature male and Rep3 young male - naturally I made them a family.
    "Rebecca" became the 'domineering wife' as the leader, and I just went with the idea of "White Trash", especially since there's a trailer park in the area.
    "Jon" constantly tries to please his wife and prove his worth as 'the man of the family' and Lee really should have spent more time at school!! ;-)

  3. Agh! What a time to lose battery power in your camera! Hey, it happens! It has certainly happened to me more than once.
    The outcome of this encounter is far from certain. I'm ruling nothing out but I'm hoping for the best for Team Brad. I really hope that Rebecca ends up as zombie chow! What a bitch!

    1. Not only did it happen "mid firefight", but I had plenty of free time left Bryan :-(
      I've just got back from a busy afternoon, but looking forward to getting some moves played this evening :-)
      Don't be too hard on Becky, it was probably her upbringing!!!

  4. I seem to be saying this a lot lately, but this was undoubtedly your best posting yet. It was hard to work out who the real threat was, the homesteaders or the zeds. Gripping stuff my friend :-)

  5. Many, many thanks Simon.
    I was literally as surprised as Brad and the group when the door was slammed in their faces (the result of a "Meet & Greet" that went in the NPC's favour, and they chose to "Walk The Walk") - the unpredictability is the real beauty of this game :-)

  6. Haha I really love how this encounter is playing out! Bizarre and unpredictable behaviour is brilliant

  7. Cheers Andy - part three coming up tonight as soon as I've had some scran :-)