Thursday, 17 August 2017

Heads Up.

Unfortunately, I've not had a great deal of hobby time this week, but I have made a couple of "finds" which I thought I should pass on to fellow gamers.

The first of them is this articulated truck from "Home Bargains". It's described as 1/64th scale on the box, but I reckon it works OK with 28mm mini's without being overpowering on a 3ft square board - and at £4.99 I reckon it's a useful addition to the vehicle pool.

The second discovery was made in a charity shop - but I'm sure these will be on a certain online auction site as well.......
Cluedo "Super Sleuth"!
A few things on the box art caught my eye and when I spotted the £2.99 price tag, I couldn't resist a punt.
The big differences between this game and the 'standard' version is the replacement of the folding game board with individual Room Tiles, and a collection of white metal miniatures instead of plastic tokens......
I reckon the twelve tiles that make up the "manor" will be excellent for off-the-cuff room 2D floor plans in all sorts of games, and the mini's have got bags of character!
They're pretty good for scale too...........
so, if I never use the tiles, I reckon it was £2.99 well spent - and supporting a good cause into the bargain!

Hopefully back to 'Normal Service' soon!


  1. Looks like that truck scales just fine buddy. Great find!

    1. Always on the lookout for useful stuff, so I carry a 28mm 'soft' plastic fighter from an old D&D boardgame around with me.
      If ever I see something promising, I just whip my chap out ;-)

  2. Good find with the truck but that Cluedo set is a great find. Colour me jealous! I have one of the newer versions of Cluedo with rather nice plastic sculpts of the characters but they pale in comparison to your metal ones.

  3. I was lucky enough to find one of those newer sets some time ago Bryan, the plastic figures are quite tall (about 36mm foot to eye), but still very usable.
    Other board games I've picked up in charity shops specifically to grab the minis include a version of Risk - with LOTS of approx 10mm 7YW troops, Shogun - a load of 20mm samurai, the Parker version of D&D - plenty of 28mm monsters and a stereotypical group of adventurers, and Dragon Quest just for the Ral Partha adventurers.
    And yes, I DO get told off for walking into every charity shop I see!

  4. Great figures from the Cleudo set, very useful and the truck is also a good find even if a little on the small side I suspect.

  5. Cheers Joe, yep the truck is a little undersized but that stops it dominating the board (which a 1/43rd model would).
    Keeping it away from "scale" vehicles seems to work fine though.
    I'd never seen the "Super Sleuth" Cluedo set so had no idea what the mini's were like. Once I saw them I realised how good they'd be as characters in several games, so they're a steal at the price :-)