Sunday, 6 August 2017

Back In The Suburbs

On their way back to the RV, the group saw where the fleeing citizens had left the railroad and headed towards the highway - there was no sign of the two zombies, so they assumed that they'd followed them.
Once safely inside and Hannah's ankle had been strapped, they sat with a coffee and took stock of the situation.....
Travis and Sarah had left their apartment block with only the clothes they were wearing and the weapons they carried (and Travis's guitar!), so now the food and water supply would be used up in half the time. Ammunition would soon be a problem, especially for the bow since as far as Sarah knew, the nearest archery store was over in  Fort Worth.
When the question of 'what the hell to do next' came up, they narrowed it down to two options:-
Head back to the apartment to pick up clothing and supplies, or check out the nearby freight compound Brad and Hannah had passed a little further down the track when they hid the RV.

Day Four

The following morning a decision had to be made and Brad pressed the point that they needed a better hiding place for the RV, and Hannah needed a little more time for her ankle to heal before heading back into town.
Travis agreed and Sarah just gave a shrug, so the group headed off down the track.

It wasn't long before they arrived at the perimeter of the compound and they cautiously looked for a way in. The main gates were secure, but they could see another entrance on the far side.
Once there, Brad had a clear view through the window into the empty security cabin,
and the group moved into the depot.
(I was playing this encounter on a reduced sized board, and most of the zombies generated by the group entering play had "clockfaced" between 7 and 11 o'clock, so after rotating around to a valid spawning point, they appeared as a small hoard just outside the depot enclosure!)
Travis gave a warning as something moved from behind the depot building and across the yard ahead of him.....
..... though it turned out to be just a bundle of newspaper caught by the breeze!
Their relief was short lived though, as a pair of zombies shambled out of the garage / workshop and headed straight for them.
The group reacted quickly, closing up and dropping the zeds with two well aimed shots.
Being out in the 'burbs, the gunshots failed to attract anymore unwanted attention, but didn't go unnoticed by the "hoard" outside the compound....... or the three zombies by the container stack!
The team managed to get the jump on them though, Sarah hitting the huge 'docker' between the eyes with an arrow while shots from the guys pistols took down the other two, again without drawing in anymore walking dead.
So far so good, but while their backs were turned a PEF emerged from the depot doorway and headed straight for them - resloving with two successes....Contact!
A tense moment for the group as the roll was made on the 'Contact Table'......................
"Citizens"!! Two of 'em (they'd obviously been holed up in the depot building - the guy had found a baseball bat from somewhere and the woman with him had taken a fire axe from the wall).
Brad's 4 successes against their 2 (they rolled 3 but lose one for being outnumbered two to one) meant the 'Meet & Greet' went well, with the newcomers eager to help out, and after making sure the workshop was clear, they went over to the main building.
Once inside, it was obvious that they'd been safely hiding out in here (both doors could be bolted from the inside) and had scavenged a few "home comforts" from peoples fly tipped junk out by the track.
Brad asked "What's upstairs?" just as Sarah, who'd been keeping an eye open by the door, warned that they had company outside the main gate......

To Be Continued.........


  1. You really do make these articles fantastically captivating, Wargame Addict. I loved every moment of this, especially when the two homeowners arrived (arguably to save the day). Looking forward to seeing how everyone escapes the depot :-)

    1. Thanks Simon, the game system can throw up some tense moments and when the PEF (Possibble Enemy Force) resolved as 2 citizens, it was a real "phew!" moment!
      I had to leave the game once the group were in the warehouse, so I'm as keen to find out what happens next as you are.

  2. I'm absolutely loving this, Greg. Your scenery works really well, especially on such a small gaming board. I'm rooting for your survivors all the way. Exciting storytelling. I just wonder how long the main gate can keep those zombies at bay?

    1. Thank you Bryan, I'm going to work out a little chance system to see what happens with the gate - I've assumed that it's chained and padlocked, but how secure is the mesh? How strong are the hinges? etc
      If anyone has done something similar, I'd love to hear their approach :-)

  3. Wow, the group suddenly got a lot stronger.
    Very captivating aar, looking forward to the next episode.

    1. Not done any "recruitment" yet Joe, so atm they're effectively two groups working together (the new arrivals might even have ulterior motives - only the ATZ rules and Mythic system will decide)
      I'm really hoping to carry on the game soon!

  4. Great board and a great story mate!

  5. Cheers Andy, I'm learning from "the masters" so I'll take this opportunity to thank ALL the inspiring bloggers out there! :-)