Saturday, 29 July 2017

Patience Is A Virtue (I need to polish!)

There's plenty of reasons I should have delayed this installment of the ATZ campaign - my printer is playing up and has made a terrible job of the "Mayhem" streets, but I went ahead and stuck them to the cork tiles anyway.
Then, I found out why no-one else has used cork tiles for terrain bases - they've warped, but I laid them flat under a heavy weight to try and flatten 'em. I'll try "laminating" them by gluing more urban printouts on the opposite side, but I used 'em as they are for now.
The TT Combat apartments have had their exteriors 'block painted' but they still need detailing and weathering - but yep, I used 'em anyway and then of course, I haven't yet made specific floor tiles to accommodate the integral sidewalks on the TT buildings!

So, apologies for the state of the terrain, but I just had to find out how Brad and Hannah were getting on in......

Day Three Wichita Falls

Game Prep: Following the last encounter, Brad and Hannah successfully increased their Rep to 4.
I also came up with a table to randomise what they might find at Travis's location -
10% No trace. He left in a hurry with no clue as to where.
20% He's gone 'somewhere safer' and left a note. (Location to be determined if this is the case)
20% He's in his apartment. Sensibly stayed put and barricaded himself in.
20% Friends & neighbours. He's there with company (dice to determine numbers)
10% Bad news. Travis is DOA (Cause of death to be determined  if this is the sad case)

Set up: Travis lives in an apartment block on the edge of Wichita Falls close to a short line freight track from a local factory.
Brad hides the RV by a disused siding and the pair plan to make their way on foot along the track (having learned the lesson about noise!)
Brad and Hannah leave the track and immediately see zombies to their right and ahead of them among the vehicles
A PEF moves from the diner directly towards them and comes into view...
... resolving as "citizens" who'd spotted them and decided it must be safe enough to make a break for it!
Seeing the panic on their faces, Brad grabs Hannah and drags up the road and clear of the sidewalk
just before they rush past, one of them dropping a hockey stick as she squeezed by the wrecked pick up!
A second PEF moves into LOS, resolving as "Somethings Out There!", raising the Encounter Rating to 6,
and the zeds continued to close in...
..... causing the fleeing citizens to veer away from the road and away down the track.
The two zombies on the track followed them (they were in clear LOS, and were the larger group), and while Brad was covering them, Hannah grabbed the hockey stick and moved to the back of the pickup.

To be continued...................


  1. I don't think there's any need to worry about the issues you mention regarding your terrain, Wargame Addict, as it looks awesome in the photos... and accompanies a corking write-up to boot!! Great stuff, and looking forward to the next instalment :-)

  2. You're very kind Simon :-)
    Really busy with work here, but I'm taking full advantage of being able to leave a game "in progress" while playing this through.
    Should be finished by the end of the weekend!

  3. Loving the narrative of this campaign mate, the terrain looks fine don't worry, I'm sure you'll be able to iron out the details

    1. Thanks Andy, the story is really writing itself thanks to the ATZ rules (with a little help from "Mythic").
      The terrain is still 'work in progress', so it can only get better (I hope!)

  4. I have to agree with Simon and Andy - your terrain looks just fine. Good to see Brad and Hannah taking the cautious approach here. That's far better than blindly rushing in.

    1. Thanks Bryan, I'll still be spending a lot of time studying your excellent PDF build techniques though - but I'm struggling with "rebbating"!
      So far so good, with Brad putting his recent experiences and info from the police to good use.
      03:20 and I've just got back from tonight's gig in Southport - I'll be cracking on with the encounter as soon as the Java Lava kicks in tomorrow!

  5. I wouldn't worry about your terrain, you're off to a great start with this project and getting games in.
    I'm loving the very low-key scenarios, very much in the vein I started with too.

    1. Much appreciated Joe, as a relative 'newbie' it's great to have the support from folk who've been enjoying this fantastic game for a longer time - I'm glad I discovered it via blogs like yours!