Friday, 14 July 2017

Last Night On Earth minis
(and the slowly increasing zed count)

I was really lucky last week and won a couple of real bargains (well I think they are) on ebay, a complete copy of the LNoE bordgame - played once then 'gathered dust', the soundtrack cd still in its shrinkwrap! and a "job lot" of 28mm English Civil War figures - an 'abandoned project' that never even got going.
More on the ECW stuff once my plans for them swing into action, but as for the zompocalypse stuff.....

Once I'd had a good look through the contents, the miniatures were taken out and then the rest of the stuff was put back in the box, which got stowed away on top of the game cupboard.
Then, because my own painting output has been woefully low of late, I set to with my usual 'speed paint' method of simply block colouring, followed by a wash. Not pretty, but it gets figures "table ready" very quickly, and individuals can always be tarted up later if they get promoted to  major characters from their roles as extras!
Everyone probably already knows this, but the minis included with the game are around 30mm head to toe tall and cast on integral 3mm high, 20mm round bases, so they fit in pretty well with most manufacturers ranges and their detail and poses are pretty good I reckon.

The only "downside" is that the zombies only come in three varieties, so I experimented and varied the skin tones (up to now I've only used Army Painter Zombie Skin on s) as I worked through ten of 'em - the other four remain in basecoat while I decide what to do with 'em

This flurry of painting activity prompted a stock take on the horde, which now currently stands at 87 plastic and 1 metal zombies - just 12 away from the milestone '100 horde' which I've noticed many gamers aim for!
Personally, I'm hoping "Zombtober" will see me hit my own target of 144 - because I reckon a zombie horde should be gross


  1. Actually, LNOE is a good game in its own right. It is worth playing. Yes, the figures are very usable and the zombies do help to boost your horde. Having a target to reach is a good thing and I'm sure your horde will be "gross" in no time at all!

    1. Thanks Bryan - the game looks like it could be fun, even with a group of "non-zombatants" and I've also found some interesting solo rules mods for it on the interweb.

  2. Love the "gross" idea! Lol
    I'm looking forward to zombtober this year!

    1. Cheers Andy!
      This'll be my first Zombtober as an 'active' blogger, so I'm REALLY looking forward to joining in.

  3. The figures look good as they are and I too love the idea of a gross of zeds !

    1. Cheers Joe, I don't know if the figures are available separately but I reckon they're definitely well worth getting hold of.
      As for the "gross", roll on zombtober!!