Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Hi and welcome to my first ever attempt at creating a blog, which is really a thank-you to all the folks out there who have fueled my gaming habits with their own terrific offerings.
After a lay-off lasting well over 20 years, I thought a dice would never be rolled in anger ever again ~

So, what's to be found here at TWA towers?

                                           Plenty of zombie apocalypse,
                                          some fantasy battles

                                          and adventures.

                                           Possibly even some "Winter of '79"
                         and there's STILL an English Civil War itch waiting to be scratched!

Hope you'll bear with me while I get to grips with creating a profile, adding content, blogroll, reading list etc, etc and come back for the first "proper" post.


  1. Whetting the appetite already, what a promising start!

    1. Add the app that allows us to follow you dude :-)

  2. Thanks Andy, I'm not very tech savvy and I can't find the "Follow" widget - is it part & parcel of the one labelled "Google+ Followers" ?
    All help MUCH appreciated!

  3. Hey Greg, me either! But in the the "layout" section of blogger it should have a "followers" gadget. That's the one you want