Tuesday, 23 January 2018

A Mixed Bag

A sombre note to today's post after reading the sad news from Bryan (Vampifan). I know that everyone who follows Bryan's inspirational blogs will be united in deepest sympathy for his loss, and as he implies, "carry on blogging" while he deals with this difficult time.
Our thoughts are with you Bryan.

This week has been a bit of a mixed bag on the modelling front, starting with this, the penultimate building from the kits I was lucky enough to get in my Christmas presents. It represents a "Whealdon House", and only leaves the Blacksmith's from the same manufacturer (Timeline Miniatures) to assemble.
I'm planning on using this building for a couple of purposes - a small manor belonging to an estate holder (a Whealdon house was a late medieval home built for the likes of a a Yeoman), a grand townhouse (belonging to the likes of a wealthy merchant), and an inn (I just need to make a removeable sign).
Of course, most if not all of the buildings for ECW and Witchfinder General will also find a use in my fantasy games!

I've also had my first play with "Mini-Mold" from TT Combat when I used it to cast a corner post in green stuff for some plastic fencing (the supplied posts are all end-to-end).
Pleased with how easy the stuff is to use - just pop it in a mug of boiling water for 3 minutes, then press it onto the subject to be molded (after fishing it out of the mug with a pair of tweezers it's cool enough to handle straight away), I decided to try something more ambitious and set about preparing a "casualty marker" for the ECW rules I'll be using.
The casualty mini was simply glued onto a round mdf  base and then I built up some miliput to eliminate any "undercuts" before giving it a textured finish.
Once the mold was prepared, I mixed up some more Miliput, pressed it into place and left it to harden overnight. The following day the first marker was popped out and ready for a quick lick of paint.
They aren't brilliant, but "fit for purpose" and meet the aim of the project:~ save a few shillings on mini's and mdf bases for game markers, and save time texturing their bases before slapping some paint on 'em!
I suppose it could be viewed as "piracy" since I'm reproducing a commercially available mini?  but since they're for my solo ECW games, they are strictly for 'Private Use Only'.

The last project for this post was a bit of a rush job as a result of the  "Jacksboro" encounter. Once the group had driven clear of the Miller's apartment, Brad told Travis to pull over as soon as he saw somewhere quiet. The suburban area a short drive out of town looked OK, so they eased the pickup off the road  - and I now needed a suitable suburban dwelling for the next encounter!
I'd already assembled and primed this TT Combat suburban house , so I restarted the stalled build and cut some internal walls from foamcore before giving it a quick paint job.
It's not finished yet, but useable if I need it for an ATZ game in the next couple of days.

Apart from that, I'm just rummaging through my lead and plastic pile and sorting the next mini's for the painting table.
Thanks again for dropping by, and I hope you're having a productive time yourself (if you're not busy gaming!)


  1. Outstanding! I have to say I'm absolutely blown away by the mini mold, how brilliant is that! I can kind of see what your saying about "piracy" but your not re-selling or anything like that, I say game on :)
    Get the credit card ready, I'm off to the TT Combat site!

    1. Thanks Ivor, but please be careful over on the TT Combat site - there's a lot of temptation lurking there to tempt your credit card ;-)

  2. Greg, your kind words (and those of other bloggers) have been a great comfort to me. Many, many thanks.

    I really like everything you've shown on this post. I must admit that I was not aware of "Mini-Mold" but I can certainly see how useful it can be. TT Combat is a terrific site, although my wallet would argue otherwise!

    1. I just hope you're coping OK Bryan, and you know we're all here for you.

  3. That's an impressive mdf building and it looks great in the black and white livery.

    Nice work on the molds. A chap came up to the trade stand last year asking for casualty models, Stu was thinking about them when we spoke about the subject on the way home. But as you say, a quick conversion - or a home-cast - and the jobs done, so creating casualty figures may be a financial risk. Top job on what you've done, though.

    1. Thanks Roy, the old timber framed Tudor style buildings have always appealed to me ever since I was a kid - when I win on the Lottery I'll be looking for a 1:1 scale version ;-)
      I'm still uncomfortable with the legalities of the molding issue, maybe it's not really a good idea?!

    2. Pass. I don't know the legal ins-and-outs to be honest. [apologies if it came across as if I was trying to chastise or anything, definitely not the case]

      I suppose its the same as when cassette tapes were used to record radio, or VHS tapes for television. I believe, under the strict written rule of the law, cases such as those were illegal but everyone was doing it, and as long as the person doing the recording (copying) wasn't selling for gain no complaint was made. But I'm no expert - and did, in the past, taped the radio and television, myself.

      I'd suppose with home-molds and the casualty figures, making a few for yourself wouldn't cause an issue. But if you ended up home-casting a copied sculpt to the value of tens of multiple copies then I wouldn't go about broadcasting the fact as the company at loss would probably leave a message on your blog (though I can't see what else they could do).

      Anyway, sorry if what I previously wrote caused confusion in regard what I meant.

    3. No apologies necessary at all Roy, I value ALL constructive comments and in this case, yours are especially valid from a "trade perspective".
      As a musician, I'm fully aware that one person will buy a CD and copy it for anyone in the club that wants a copy - I even email mp3 tracks at no cost for people that ask for a specific track but don't want to buy an album. I live in the real world and accept the way things are.
      A LONG time ago we'd happily swap heads on Airfix figures and cast copies in plaster-of-paris moulds and no-one batted an eyelid.
      Also, if copying TV programs is 'wrong', how come my Sky Q box has a record facility??
      My, how times have changed, as common sense has gradually been replaced by legislation ;-)

  4. Great buildings and excellent mold use. I do wonder though about the use of a commercial (I assume) figure to duplicate.

    1. Cheers Joe, and you're absolutely right about the copyright aspect. It raises both legal and moral questions, so I'll be scrapping the marker I've just made and have come up with a "Plan B" (watch for a future post)

  5. wow, that mold work is awesome and so going to be pinched as I have a load of blu-stuff lying around! great work mate

    1. Thanks Andy, it was seeing your excellent use of blu-stuff that led me down this path :-)
      Unfortunately I got all excited with the idea and failed to 'engage brain' and think the copyright aspect through properly.
      Consider my first mold a "test piece" for my alternative markers to come, which I'll cast with the re-melted Mini-Mold!

  6. Nice work on the MDF buildings Greg, great job working with the instant mould, if you have access to lego bricks you can increase the detail on any mould you make using the plunger method

    1. Many thanks Dave, and thanks for not venting your spleen over me copying the commercial mini in this post!
      I'm sure as a sculptor, you must have been gnashing your teeth as you typed your kind comments, but fear not - my conscience has made me see my folly.
      I had to google "plunger method" and it turned up some 'interesting' topics ;-)

    2. Once a person has purchased a model, what they then do with it is out of the manufacturers control, as long as they're not trying to profit from someone else's work no harm done. I would be naive to think that everyone buys everything they need, and with the ever increasing prices in this hobby people look for cheaper alternatives.
      If you think "plunger method" brings up interesting topics, you should try "Argentinian bazooka loader" in images ! it's a specific uniform from during the Falkland war, and one of my clients wanted one, so glad the kids were asleep ! LOL

  7. I'm impressed with your mould making this looks like a good idea. From what you've said you can reuse the mould making material over again. This has lots of possible uses.

    The timber frame building is pretty big, and will come in useful as a tavern. The first pints on you ;-)

  8. You can indeed John. Once you've finished with it, just drop it back into a mug of boiled water, leave it in there for 3 minutes, then fish it out and reshape it.
    The stuff floats BTW, which makes it easy to remove from the mug :-)
    You're formally invited to the (yet to be named)tavern, where drinks will, of course, be on the house ;-)

  9. Sounds like you are getting some good progress. I love the mini mold casualty marker. So useful.

    It's funny how ATZ drives you to get new mini's for the next scenario. I've been waiting for a while for a couple myself which has slowed things down a bit. Waiting for items to be posted to you in Aus is a bit of a killer.