Friday, 29 December 2017

Happy Twixtmas

I hope everyone has enjoyed a Cracking Christmas and Cool Yule, that you've all been suitably rewarded for twelve months of "being good", and that no-one has over indulged (well, not TOO much anyway) on festive fayre, and are ready to go forward into the New Year!
This was my first Christmas as a gaming blogger, and I've learned that "Christmas", "gaming", and "blogging" are not the best of bedfellows - well, not when they're all in the same time and relative dimension in space! Their interaction seems to speed up the hands of the clock, to the extent that the days pass by in a blur, and so I've developed my own 'coping strategy' and visited each activity in it's own 'time zone' which seems to have worked OK, and will only need a few tweaks in the future.

That's enough of the amateur philosophy, and since this is a modelling and gaming blog, this is what I've been up to over the Yuletide period......
My Witchfinder General campaign map shows a stone circle ("The Nine Ladies") , so I've set about modelling it on a pizza base - very much a work-in-progress at the moment, but shaping up.
Once the witches have their "summoning spot", there's every chance they'll need a demon of some description. I've put one on my shopping list, but for now I've painted up the gargoyle from the Ravenloft board game as a proxy
This unfortunate lass is a 'captive' from Black Cat Bases, in the photo she looks like a suitable offering for the demon, but will also be useful in several other "rescue" scenarios
At long last, I've finally got around to painting my old GW 'Garden Of Morr'...
.... which should make for some suitably "Gothic" looking encounters - as demonstrated by this recent skirmish between Stickler Michael and an EM4 Miniatures werewolf
I also painted the three zombies from the Ravenloft game, and used the crypts as a backdrop for their photo
Also, I was lucky enough to receive some mdf buildings for Christmas, and have made a start on the first of them. Like the stone circle, it really is still work-in-progress, but here's the "Timeline Miniatures" Norman Church supplied by 'Hoka Hey Wargaming', assembled and base coated......
...... the goats and sheep are straight off the painting bench (and will no doubt feature in next years Christmas Card nativity photo!!!)

I'll be gigging down in Whitchurch on New Years Eve and up in Leeds on New Years Day, so I know it's going to be busy and will take this opportunity to say that  I wish you all the very best for the year ahead, and hope your brushes are busy and you have games galore!

Happy New Year 2018


  1. Ooh, you've reminded me that I meant to buy one of those female hostage figures from Black Cat a while back. Might have to see if I can get an order in the not too distant future.

    That Garden of Morr looks impressive, and photo's really well.

    Drive safely!

    1. Quite a useful "non combatant" to have in the collection Roy, and the costume she's sculpted in makes her fairly flexible timescale-wise.
      To my disgrace I've had the Garden of Morr, Citadel Wood and Warhammer Village sitting on top of the WARdrobe for years! I really should have done something with them before now.
      According to the weather forecast we'll be missing the worst of the bad conditions, so it's just the "nutters" to watch out for - and of course, now I've attended the "Spead Awareness Course" I'm a much improved driver ;-)

  2. Wow! Everything looks spectacular, all kinds of cool stuff happening top to bottom :) That Garden of Morr is amazing!

    1. That's very kind Ivor, especially coming from one of the modelling maestro's!
      I've already worked on my excuse - "my speed-painted mini's would look even worse if I put them up against half decent terrain" ;-)

  3. Some terrific stuff on display here, Greg. Don't feel too bad about taking so long to finish your "Garden of Morr." I've had mine for years as well... and it's still in the box, unmade!

    Drive carefully and happy new year to you.

  4. Many thanks Bryan - we'll be setting off early and 'taking it steady', and if I'm tired when we finish we'll have a sleep in the van before driving home and then on to Leeds (which is "relatively" close to home)
    "The Garden" is one of the most useful of the GW scenic items and wouldn't look out of place in 'downtown Gotham' IMHO ;-)
    Having said that, I'm now kicking myself for giving away my "Mighty Fortress" which would have come in handy.
    Happy New Year to you buddy, I wish you all the best for the coming year :-)

  5. Interesting philosophy Greg, and if it works for you then why not.
    The WIP shots and finished pics look great.
    Save travels and have a fantastic New Year

    1. Physically juggling the time for all three was actually quite easy Dave, it was just getting my head around the 'priorities' that needed "Deep Thought" firing up ;-)
      Very best wishes to you, your family, and WTW for 2018!

    2. Hi Greg just got a Google account so I could tell you how much I have enjoyed reading through your blog over the last couple of weeks. You and a couple of others blogs recently are proving very entertaining.
      I'm hoping you continue the zombie campaign but am also very interested in how you go with witch finder general. I was considering this rule set but went with chaos in Carpathia in the end, not sure it was the right decision.
      The stone circle looks good, maybe you need a sacrificial alter as an additional center piece, shades of when the devil rides out.
      Keep up the good work.

    3. Hi John, and thank you for going the extra yard to leave a comment - VERY much appreciated :-)
      There's several sets of rules that could be used for the genre, "CiC" is one I'd not heard of, so thanks for the heads-up and I'll be checking it out ;-)
      I like the 'Devil Rides Out' idea, and I'm sure that the coven will be developing their real estate under the Vamyre's umbrella of protection!
      As for the zombie campaign, it will DEFINITELY be continuing over the coming weeks.
      Speaking of which, Happy New Year to all at Vagabond Towers :-)

  6. Sorry to be so late to the party (it's fashionable though isn't it?), but pleased to see you've made som very impressive in-roads into your gaming - the graveyard is very impressive!

    1. As J.R.R might say, "A wizard is never late, nor is he early. He arrives precisely when he intends to Joe" ;-)
      I'm quite surprised and more than a little pleased at the amount I've managed over the festive season, and all of it without impacting on work or social commitments! If nowt else, I've convinced myself that little and often can be just as productive as my 'normal' modelling sessions :-)