Sunday, 27 October 2019

Zomtober 2019 Week Four

The finale of this years Zomtober event, and I almost missed it!
Things have been absolutely bonkers work-wise, and on top of that my back has really been giving me some gip. Yesterday I had some time to paint, but due to bad planning there wasn't an unpainted zombie in the house! (yeah, I know that's hard to believe innit?!). However this morning, perhaps because of the clocks going back, I remembered I had just one mini that kinda fit the criteria and at 10am I slapped some primer on it. I had a deadline of "noon" before packing up and getting ready to set off for Gravesend where we're appropriately doing a 'Halloween' theme night gig, so this really was an exercise in speed painting.

Best described as Not my Best work, I'm still jubilant that she's completely finished and avoids either a "no-show" or at best a "late entry" to round off the annual challenge, may I present........

Madame Boniface

Part of the Dark Czar's entourage, She (he?!) is another addition to the Napoleonique collection (Flintloque miniatures, but destined for use with a different set of rules), and definitely "not yer regular kinda zombie" which has been my theme for this year.

Many thanks for droppng by, and hearty congratulations to everyone who took part in the Zomtober painting challenge this year.


  1. Great work Greg, hope your back feels better soon, and work is a joy rather than more pain

  2. You saved the best `til last, sir... I LOVE this piece. I could easily see this mini serving time on MY table, she certainly passes muster.

  3. For 2 hours work, she/it/he does look really good, I'd be well pleased with it/her/him.

    Gravesend, now thats a name to conjure with. Good luck with the back, I hope yours is a bit like mine, so you have good days and bad days rather than just bad :(

  4. Frighteningly good work Greg & I would agree with Stephen above you saved the best until last.

  5. What an awesome miniature! I really like what you have done with this Greg.

  6. Great stuff Greg! All the best on your back getting better 🙂

  7. An interesting figure and well painted given the time constraints.

  8. A great figure that immediately reminded me of the Day of the Dead festival!
    I like your colour chouces too, but think the 'skull'does look like a mask - but none the worse for that.