Friday, 22 September 2017

Late Again

My excuse is that it's been a very busy week work-wise, with gigs up and down the country, so apologies for this rather late post.
The major downside has been the lack of modelling and painting time, but the hours spent on the road have given me plenty of opportunity to think things through and get some planning done!

The first priority was to clear the paint queue with Zomtober approaching, and this year I'm excited about joining in with Pulp Citizen's painting challenge -  ( ).
So, next month will certainly be zombie orientated!
I'd already made a start on the 'other, metal' Cluedo miniatures after finishing the plastic ones in the previous post, and got them finished off late last night along with a couple of Reaper Bones figures.

The Chief about to throw the book at Detectives Harrison and Ford!
Ford prepares to draw her blaster as the hoodie gets twitchy in response to her questions.
Harrison asking Mrs Brown if she saw or heard anything
 Rachael asks "Am I a replicant?"
Corporate upper class and their high end servo-droid
Cindy was an 'entertainment model' Nexus-6 replicant, dancing for the space jockeys on an orbital freight transfer station. Somehow, she ended up hiding away on an inbound shuttle. killing a freight handler and security guard at the shuttle terminus.
"Sin" then went on to murder two armed police officers who responded to the call-out before she disappeared into the sprawl.
"Poundland"  yielded a few more vehicles and I've slipped them into the above photo's, but here's another "three for a pound"

Now the painting is out of the way, the next job is to give myself some space - I only have a limited modelling area, and I don't "manage" it very well! Stuff tends to accumulate as I move from one project to the next, and I find myself with an ever decreasing available surface.
So, I'd better get cracking !

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

I've just got to start this post with a huge thankyou for the help I received in response to my earlier plea for sci-fi vehicles! Without them the start of the "Blade Runner" project would have been stalled, but it's definitely up and running, so...

I've also found a neat looking police car in the toy section of Wilko's. I don't know if they're "new" or that I just didn't spot them while looking for contemporary vehicles for the zombpoc games, but here it is being admired by the freshly painted plastic mini's from the Cluedo boardgame that Bryan mentioned in a previous post.
From the buildings behind them, you can see that I'm CRAP (Completely Rubbish At Papercraft), so I'll need to sharpen my act before getting to work on the pdf's!

I also spotted this book in The Works - marked at £4, but in their 50% sale I picked it up for two quid
I say "book", but the main content is a kit, double side printed on foam board, which builds very quickly and easily into an acceptable looking shuttle (for anyone NOT gaming Star Wars at the moment)........

I mentioned the new Dragon Rampant warbands needed for our fantasy campaign last time, and here they are as works-in-progress.
The "recently raised" 7 points Lich oversees the mustering of his 3 points light foot Skeleton Warriors , 4 points heavy foot Skeleton Warriors and 9 points Wights (Lesser Warbeasts with "Invisibility" option) - these are a mixture wraith mini's raided from my fantasy RPGcollection.
The above just leaves 1 point to spend to bring them up to full strength, so that will have to be a unit of ravenous horde Zombies!

The 6 point Dwarf Lord just needs mounting on a larger base before he's ready to lead his 6 point elite foot Housecarls, and two units of 6 point heavy foot Axe Thanes.
I intend getting a 4 points unit of berserkers to replace one of the Axe Thane units, which will allow me to spend 2 points to give the Lord a "Blessed Melee weapon".
In the meantime, I'm just bodgeling up an Imperial standard for the old 'mono-pose' Axe Thane unit at the back of the above photo....... I'd better go and see if the glue's set!

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Campbell's Farm  Postscript

By nightfall, Brad had risked bringing the RV up into the yard and he and Hannah had taken up 'residence' there, leaving the house to Travis, Zac and Nate.
Since they'd generated engine noise with the move, it was agreed to quickly risk firing up the tractor and SUV to check they were OK and move them - the tractor now acts as "the gate" and the SUV has become part of the 'motor pool' for the group.
A sentry duty roster had been agreed, (with  one person on watch during the day and two at night), but after the recent activity and still being nervous about how safe their new location would be, no-one expected to get much sleep!
Instead, it was the ideal time to trade information about the outbreak with the newcomers and get to know them better.

(In other words, it's time for me to play catch-up with the character stats and campaign diary, and attend to some other gaming projects!)

So, the question now is, Do androids dream of electric sheep?

I only ask because I dream of these:~
....but after much googling can't find them anywhere after Worldworksgames sad demise!

I'm really looking forward to the Blade Runner sequel (Blade Runner 2049) release next month, and after suppressing my sci-fi gaming urges for so long in the face of loads of  blog posts across the interweb, I've succumbed and blown the dust off my never-got-beyond-the-planning-stages "The Department" campaign.
But I've hit a snag since I was intending using the futuristic vehicles produced to accompany the "Streets Of Titan" (because the "Interceptor" is SO much a not-Spinner - perfect as the iconic Blade Runner vehicle!!) -
I have just ordered one of these from Scotia Grendel.......
....... and I'm thinking of getting the Lamborrari from Wargames Terrain Workshop,
but this is a plea for help if anyone can point me in the right direction if those PDF's are still available, and suggestions for any other 28mm sci-fi civilian vehicles that would suite the 'Tech Noir' setting.

As well as the above, after a 'failed' dungeon quest, I need to assemble two more Dragon Rampant warbands for our Dark Conspiracy campaign!
The adventurers were tasked with recovering "the dying breath" of the necromancer Malek which was caught and held in a cursed brass scroll case,
but they were too late and failed to apprehend the evil acolyte who'd taken it - the crypt was empty!
The "dying breath" was later used to raise the necromancer as a lich, who is now leading an army of undead against the Dwarf Lord.
Luckily I can put together a 24 point Dwarf warband from my Oldhammer 'alliance' army, but the undead are a little more tricky - the only mini's I've got are in my RPG collection and there's not enough of 'em, so it's time to get busy!

Which all explains why the ECW project is still a 'slow burner', but rest assured I'm still painting the first batch of civilians!!

Once again, thanks for reading, and thanks in advance for help regarding those sci-fi vehicles.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Campbell's Farm       part three

After a swift 'meet & great' with Nate and Zac, Brad wanted to make sure the farm buildings were clear as quickly as possible, so they could then concentrate on the perimeter. The outbuilding was the nearest, so as Brad glanced back to check that Hannah and Travis were doing OK, the three of them headed straight to the top of the yard.
Nate said it looked clear as he peered through a window, and Brad noticed the door was ajar - was this where the zombie in the yard had appeared from when they'd approached the farm earlier?

Leaving speculation about the zombie aside, and needing to be 100% sure the building was clear, the door was ripped open as Brad and Zac burst in ready for the worst.......
...... only to find it empty! (But they couldn't help but spot the chainsaw on a shelf among some other useful looking tools)
Nerves settled, the guys moved around to inspect the barn - no windows for Nate to peer in, but he did try squinting through the crack in the doors before they were opened but all he said was "It's dark in there"
Opening the door allowed enough light into the barn for them to see the zombie approaching from the very back of the building and the guys followed Brad's lead as he charged forwards swinging his rifle like a club!
As soon as Brad's blow had knocked the zombie off its feet, Nate and Zac quickly finished it off with their heavy boots. A quick look around the barn revealed nothing obvious equipment-wise, but there was plenty of rope, twine and farming implements  that might come in useful.

Travis gave them a 'thumbs up' to show that all was clear in the surrounding area as they crossed the yard towards the final building to check - the farmhouse itself.
Once again, Nate's strategy of looking before leaping was thwarted - this time by drawn curtains, so the only option was to carefully open the door and step inside...
.... Zac had just set foot into the kitchen when he was startled by a zombie lurching towards him with her claw-like hands outstretched, grasping for his throat!
Panicked, he screamed and let rip with his BAP! Brad, without thinking of the noise (but on reflection, did it matter now?!) raised the rifle and fired through the doorway.
Visibly shaken, Zac leaned heavily on the kitchen table, feeling like his legs had turned to jelly. Hannah had rushed over to the house when she heard the scream, and was relieved when Brad told her everyone was OK and that she should go back and look out for any unwanted visitors attracted by the noise while he and Nate searched through the house.
Though there was nothing significant to be found, a few general household items  looked like they'd come in useful, and more importantly there was running water and gas in the cylinders out back so Nate set about brewing up some coffee.

With the buildings clear and perimeter secure, the farm looked like it was going to provide them with the 'safe' place they'd hoped the rail depot would be. Somewhere they could take stock and plan their next moves (and as Hannah was keen to point out, "take a bath!").

Things seem to have gone well for the group, and I'm now going to drop into "standard campaign mode" as per the ATZ:FFO rule book.
Thanks for reading and I hope you've enjoyed the story enough so far to come back and see how they get on in future installments!

Monday, 4 September 2017

Day Seven   Campbell's Farm  continued

Eek! we're into September already - Autumn is here and "Winter is coming" and I seem to be running late with everything hobby related, so it's time to get a move on with the projects I really want to get finished before the years out (especially since next month will be pretty much dedicated to zombies!).
Before all the modelling and painting activity though, let's catch up with what's been going on ATZ campaign wise ~

Brad spotted the zombie ahead between the farm buildings and signalled with a finger to his lips to keep quiet as the group continued to move up the track before the other few zeds could reach them in the open.
Once in the yard, a rain of blows from Hannah's hockey stick and Travis's guitar made short work of the unwanted farmhand
The other walking dead had reached the hedgerow and were making their way towards the entrance - Brad ran for the SUV and told the others to push as he got it rolling and jumped in!
The zombies continued to approach the farm entrance (while the PEF's which were in the barn and outbuilding got a "move away" result, creating a rather comic scene as they passed each other behind the hedge!!)
The group rolled the SUV in position just in time (and it fitted - no pre-measurement, and I was convinced it would be too short!).......
.... and while Brad went to 'meet & greet' the two guys who'd showed up (the other PEF resolved as just a bad case of nerves),
Travis swung into action with his guitar again, while Hannah kept an eye on what was going on.
Meanwhile, the third PEF (which had been loitering in the farmhouse) got a "move away" result (I seem to be getting a LOT of those in my games!) and was spotted by Brad as he was heading over to talk to the two guys.
This resolved as "Something's out there!" and raised the Encounter Rating for the rural area to 2.
Of course, this had no bearing at all on the meet & greet, which went well (Brad winning by 4 successes to 2) and resulted in the newcomers asking to join the group, and had absolutely no effect at all on Travis "the axeman" as he continued to clobber the zombies one at a time as they tried to squeeze past the SUV!
Once the perimeter is secured, the newly expanded group will be able to explore the farm buildings...
but that, dear reader, will have to wait until the next episode because unfortunately that's as far as I've got with the game.
All things being well, I should have the next AAR up here on Tuesday night, so I hope you'll pop back to see how things get on.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Day Five    Back at the RV

Apart from picking up a couple of weapons, trying to find a "safe place" at the railroad depot hadn't worked out well at all, and subsequent events just seemed to make matters worse..........
The group had managed to make their getaway from the compound with Si and Kate (the couple from the warehouse) in tow, and they even met up with Hank, the lucky police officer, on the way back to the RV. Brad's mind was already working on the issue of how long the rations would last with so many extra mouths to feed when the newcomers dropped their bombshell - "We're heading back into Wichita Falls"

Hank obviously still believed that "the authorities" would get to grips with the situation and supported Si and Kate's desire to head for home, telling them he'd escort them on his way back to the station - then Sarah had piped up and laid out her grievances over Travis taking them out of the apartment where they'd been safe, leaving all their belongings, to come out here seemingly facing danger at every turn -  finishing her rant with the statement "I'm going back too!"

Brad argued that he'd only seen things getting worse since the outbreak started, with no signs at all of it being brought under control, and Travis pointed out that they'd already witnessed from the apartment window lowlifes taking to the street, looting and such, generally making things even more dangerous.
The debate had gone on well into the night, but the four of them wouldn't change their minds. They'd set off at first light the following morning, and Brad had promised to wait 24 hours with the vehicle until the following morning in case they ran into trouble and came back.
48 hours later, there was still no sign of them - the fledgling group had been split!

During that time, Travis had come up with the suggestion of heading over to Campbell's place, a farm set well off the Gainesville road. It was a where they used to go and hang out when they were kids, and in more recent times he'd arranged to rehearse with his band in the old barn.
Hannah supported the idea, and since it sounded promising from their descriptions, Brad agreed to give it a shot.

Day Seven     Campbell's Farm

Travis co-piloted on the drive away from Witchita, and they took the back roads he knew (from when he'd be driving home after maybe just one beer too many!) and pointed out a place to leave the RV before approaching the farm on foot.
Brad removed the rotor arm from the vehicle and put it in his pocket (an old army trick) before locking up. "That should make sure it's still here when we get back, even though it'll stop a quick get-away if we need one!"
Not far down the track, they saw the farm.......
......... it all looked quiet, and with a nod from Brad, they made their way towards the entrance.......
........ having advanced onto the table, it's time generate PEF's and roll for possible zombies, but I'm afraid you're going to have to wait til next week to find out what happens folks.
Unfortunately my free time is still severely limited due to recent unfortunate events. Thankfully that all comes to a head tomorrow, so I've set up this next encounter in the campaign, ready to play through and take my mind off things.

Y'all come back real soon y'hear, and see how we get on down at Campbell's farm!"

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Heads Up.

Unfortunately, I've not had a great deal of hobby time this week, but I have made a couple of "finds" which I thought I should pass on to fellow gamers.

The first of them is this articulated truck from "Home Bargains". It's described as 1/64th scale on the box, but I reckon it works OK with 28mm mini's without being overpowering on a 3ft square board - and at £4.99 I reckon it's a useful addition to the vehicle pool.

The second discovery was made in a charity shop - but I'm sure these will be on a certain online auction site as well.......
Cluedo "Super Sleuth"!
A few things on the box art caught my eye and when I spotted the £2.99 price tag, I couldn't resist a punt.
The big differences between this game and the 'standard' version is the replacement of the folding game board with individual Room Tiles, and a collection of white metal miniatures instead of plastic tokens......
I reckon the twelve tiles that make up the "manor" will be excellent for off-the-cuff room 2D floor plans in all sorts of games, and the mini's have got bags of character!
They're pretty good for scale too...........
so, if I never use the tiles, I reckon it was £2.99 well spent - and supporting a good cause into the bargain!

Hopefully back to 'Normal Service' soon!

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Only gone and done it!

After painting the last four LNoE zombies, as mentioned as a footnote to the previous post, the "100 strong horde" was tantalisingly close, just needing five more zeds to get there.
I got my second white metal zombie when the postman arrived with an order from Heresy Miniatures (the only other metal mini in the horde is a Hasslefree "Zombie Suzi").
 I'd bought some stuff mainly for another project, and he was an 'order filler' but ironically got painted first! I say mainly, because I couldn't resist getting their 'not Amy Pond' ("A Girl In Some Clothes"), who I've given a shotgun and added to my Survivors / Gangers collection.
Once they were done I couldn't stop myself going for the century, so set about assembling and painting another four of the female zombies from the "Project Z" starter set.
So that's it! I can take a break from wafting a brush over the walking dead until Zombtober, and to celebrate, I've pre-painted the "survivor" versions of Hannah and Brad (the eagle-eyed among you might have noticed there's already been a transition in their figures from Day One to Week One), and taken the 'Not Yet Dead' minis off the painting pile - I hope I'm not tempting fate and they manage to to make it to survivor status now!
The pair are posing in front of the "Blotz" store and telephone booth, which are also now painted and in the process of being weathered so I can make a start on the other 'Blotz Bits'.

In between painting sessions, I've also tried to fix my warped terrain squares by gluing some more printed road tiles to the opposite side.The idea is to create a sandwich, and whatever 'pull' is being created by the glued card will even out and hopefully result in flat terrain pieces.
After twelve hours, the cork tiles were no longer curled up towards to original face...........
they'd curled in the opposite direction! Not as severely though, and this has at least proved the core theory, so I'm not writing them off just yet. I'm quite happy to give it a bit more drying time to see what happens.

That's it for now, I hope everyone has had a great weekend.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Day Four - part two

Before we continue, apologies for some of the dodgy photo's in this AAR, but  thanks to "real life CARP (anag)" I've been playing through game turns at ridiculous times, and in some, the low light has affected the quality (I will get some better lighting sorted to prevent this happening in the future!).
Now, where were we?...........

When Brad asked about the upper floor, the couple told him that the door at the top of the landing was locked, and seeing as they had no firearms, they hadn't taken any chances.
Brad borrowed the fire axe and told the other guys to follow him while the girls kept an eye on things outside.
At this point, I introduced the "Risks & Rewards" deck to my campaign, counting each floor as a new building as per the main rules. When I turned to top card to see what they'd find I got this (no zombies or other occupants, but a discarded rifle) .....
......... after a quick head-scratch I decided to play it out as follows:~
The door had been locked from the inside, and after forcing it open with the axe the guys found themselves in the depot office.
A single figure lay sprawled  on the floor behind the desk, with a rifle by his side. "Looks like he took the quick way out" said Brad as he picked up the weapon.
Everyone's attention was suddenly drawn outside to the yard, as a pair of cops arrived (in response to the "Shots Fired" call made earlier) - unfortunately, it wasn't just the citizens attention that was drawn to their arrival... especially when they left the motor running when they got out of the car to investigate.
Maybe they were just tired after a four day continual shift - at least they'd obeyed the instruction to leave the siren off!
The officers spotted the zombies at the far side of the yard and saw the growing crowd by the gate.....
.... and immediately moved forward to check out the open workshop door,
oblivious to the fact that the running motor continued to attract more zombies to the scene,both in the yard area,
as well as out by the gate!
Things were turning very bad, very quickly as three zombies came around the corner of the depot building
 - the police officers turned and snapped off a couple of shots each....
...... which were either panicked or rushed because none of them hit their targets! (They did attract two more zeds though!)
Meanwhile, Brad told Travis to unlock the side door in case they get a chance to break for it that way, but the lady with the axe was shocked - "Your'e not going to just leave those two officers out there are you?"
The group gathered by the side door, and as the guy with the baseball bat stood by his partner, Brad tried to talk sense to the pair - explaining that the main gate is likely to give way at any time and when it does, all hell will break loose.
Out in the yard, only one officer gets off a round before the zombies charge and the melee starts, missing his target again, but thankfully not attracting another zombie either.
The initial melee sees one zombie despatched, but one officer is down with more walking dead closing in......
....... and the gate looking like it's about to give!
The terrified officer made a run for the open workshop door, slamming it shut behind him.....
...and with the cops beyond help the pair see sense and follow Brad's instructions as the group assemble at the side door of the warehouse,
not seeing "the feast" going on out in the yard,
but hearing the crash as the gates give way!
Winning the activation (again! so many times either the zombies won the activation roll or the group won with a "6", too high for Brad's Rep5 to activate), the walking dead pour into the yard, some closing in on the feast while others either go to the door they saw the cop disappear through, or move towards the sound of the still running motor.
Seizing their chance, on Brad's signal, the group make a break for it, but Brad himself risks taking a diversion....
.......and the surviving officer makes his escape through the door on the opposite side of the workshop.
Brad brandishes the shotgun and ammo he's taken from the boot of the patrol car, but Hannah doesn't seem best pleased with him for taking the risk and lets her feelings be known as they leave the depot and head back towards the RV!

This is how I handled "the gate" - based on the ATZ:FFO rules for barricaded doors and building defence values. I wanted something that kinda reflected the oft repeated scene in movies where the weight of the horde is brought to bear on a fence etc, and add uncertainty to solo play.
It seemed to work well enough.

Finally, here's some recently painted zombies, some of which appeared in the encounter (and a survivor who definitely didn't). They were the last four from "The Last Night On Earth" boardgame (Hasslefree survivor) and they were put in the 'zed box' when I finished 'em and  pulled out during the game for their debut before I posted the 'zed tally' photo - 95 now and the 'painting in threes' idea straight out of the window!
Speaking of windows, they're posing in front of a shop which I got very recently as of part of the Blotz bits acquired after following Andy's link on Da Gobbo's Grotto !

Thanks for calling by, and I hope "y'all come back real soon y'here" if only to read what happens next, which I'll document as soon as I find out myself!