Sunday, 3 January 2021

Happy New Year

I hope you had a marvelous Christmas – topped off by making it onto Santa's “good” list, and have enjoyed every minute of the festive period. I wish you all the very best for 2021, and good fortune with whatever New Year Resolutions you might have made!

Traditionally this is a time of reflection and looking at plans for the future – due to personal circumstances here at Westwood Towers (my wife needed an emergency op on the run up to Christmas, and her convalescence continues), I've had plenty of time and opportunity to do indulge in both over the last few of weeks, so here's my weB LOG record of “the state of my hobby”.

First off, I was already aware that I had too many projects on the go at once, with less time available than when they all started (since we can't get out and about entertaining, we volounteered to host a weekly internet radio show which is aired on both “Move-Radio” and “GHR Midlands”).

The “new normal” due to the covid restrictions initially presented hours of 'free' hobby time, obviously this allowed me to dive headlong into my gaming with gay abandon.... and so it was that I ended up “plate spinning” – even with all of that extra time, painting up minis for one game would delay the basing of minis for another, which prevented the terrain being built for a different game, and the campaign 'down time' checks for the ATZ campaign still needed doing before I could start a new table top session for this blog, and of course there's a mass battle to fight which will open the new feudal Japanese campaign I've been working on for THE EMERALD MUSKETEERS blog – but I need to play out the prequel to that battle where Lord Toji meets the oracle, but I really must sort out what the Wormriders are up to after completing the “Dragon Heist” campaign before they venture into the Dungeon of the Mad Mage over on THE GAME CUPBOARD cetera, et cetera. I'm sure you get the picture, and of course, plenty gets done but very little seems to get finished!

This (dis)organised chaos obviously requires resolving, but I don't intend shelving any of the 'new' projects - or scrapping yet more which I have in the pipeline since the desire to play them is quite simply TOO great and my personal wargaming world just won't be complete without the planned Dark Age chronicles, a little WW2 action, and a dash of Steampunk whimsey.

So just what IS the New Year Resolution?

Well, thanks to the mobile phone game “AFK Arena”, my better half developed enough of an interest in fantasy gaming for me to lure her into a few simple adventures. I cobbled together the 'combat dice' from the old Milton & Bradley HeroQuest, the floor tiles from Games Workshop's Advanced HeroQuest, and the rules (especially the solo / co-op mechanics) from Mantic's Dungeon Quest and we've had a whale of a time.

The lesson I learned is to keep everything else SIMPLE and concentrate on the GAMING, which is my aim for this year, which should result in less of this........


 and more of this...........

Many thanks for dropping by, and if you don't already (and perchance derive some entertainment from my efforts) please consider checking out the blogs mentioned above, since they'll be carrying more-or-less “equal shares” of my game write ups from now on and until further notice ta.




  1. Sorry to hear about your wife Greg and hope she is on the mend soon.
    Good to hear your trying to find a better balance and hope 2021 brings that for you

    1. Cheers Dave. The patient is doing very well thank you, and I'm getting used to my nurse and cleaner's outfits :-)
      The "reboot" after taking an enforced break in gaming related activities should help towards a new routine (I hope so anyway, and will keep you posted).

  2. HNY to you and yours too, I hope all is sorted !
    Like yourself, I've been playing nurse, maid, general dogsbody and goffer to my nearest and dearest too over the festive period but she is slowly getting better.
    I don;t make plans for the future anymore, they never seem to survive contact with reality, but I will be doing bits and pieces in the future too, but nothing concrete atm - I'm still waiting for a day when I can take figures outside to spray undercoat them !

    1. Many thanks Joe. Jane is well on the mend now, and every day is a step towards putting the whole experience behind us - I hope your good lady is soon fully recovered and you're released from your carers duties.... but in truth, I think they get a bit TOO used to the "pampering" treatment :-)
      Undercoating a few figures by brush is OK, but same as you, I won't be tackling any more 'units' until I can spray them outdoors. I did think about getting a cheap airbrush for the job, but there's nowhere "sensible" indoors that I could set it up.

  3. All the best to your wife Greg. I know all too well the trials of too many projects, hopefully you can focus on the dice rolling this year 😀