Thursday, 8 June 2017

Day Minus One

Brad had enjoyed a week 'away from it all' at the "Pan Handle Hoe-down" festival in Oklahoma.
Forty five years old, he'd felt like a kid again when he met Hannah there - she'd be tucked up in her RV before driving to Perryton in the morning..... would she be thinking of him?
A kid again?? He'd left college in '91 and headed to Fort Bliss, El Paso, where he'd joined the 1st armored division (Old Ironsides), the Texas regiment and served in the Gulf, Bosnia, Iraq and Kuwait between (mostly enjoyable) stints in West Germany before rejoining civilian life in 2006.
Now he was a 'Country singer' after he found he couldn't settle into a dull 9 to 5 job - life on the road could be tough, but hey, he wouldn't have met Hannah otherwise!
Tough?? Saying goodbye was tough - he had to admit it, he was in love!

Right now he was driving home overnight to the outskirts of Lubock. He wished he could have grabbed one more night with Hannah, but he had to be in Colorado City for a studio session

and he'd made the border just after midnight on the back roads,

hoping to pick up the highway outside Amarillo - the CD player was working overtime to keep him awake and his spirits up!

If he thought he'd have a signal, he'd turn on his cell phone - but then he'd only call 'her' which wouldn't be fair...... she had to get up early for her own drive home.
It'd sure help the miles go by though!

The first sign foe Amarillo showed up just before first light,

but the road was closed ahead.

Not happy with having to take the diversion, worried about having enough gas, and wondering what the hell was going on in Amarillo, at least he could relax about the gas situation when he spotted a gas station and pulled in............
but something didn't 'feel' right

The above is the start of Brad's 'ATZ:FFO' narrative campaign following the 'Day One' scenario.
The dice have been kind on the "Getting There" checks, and he's as yet unaware of the zombie outbreak.
Following the "First Things First" section, he's arrived at the gas station as the sun rises and the scenario will be driven by the encounter rules (with the help of the Mythic gm emulator if appropriate), so I have as much idea as Brad about what's about to happen!

Sorry you're going to have to wait for the start of the action, but I thought I'd get the background done before tomorrows gaming session  to help break things up - AND I'm aware this post is a tad late!

Thanks for reading, and please come back to see how things turn out.


  1. Thanks Andy, I'm having to "cobble together" terrain items to play out the scenarios on, so it all looks either 'a bit bland' or 'old skool' depending on how you look at it.
    All of them can be improved for re-use once I get a bit more time to add detail / texture etc

  2. I for one enjoy this type of intro, it really helps getting in the mood for the 'main event'

  3. Many thanks Joe, this is my first play-through of the "Day One" scenario - something I've been wanting to do for AGES instead of one-off 'drop in' games and I'm determined to let the system drive the narrative....... I just hope the "main event" is interesting enough from a readers perspective :-)